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Kate Hopton

head of service – city of bradford metropolitan borough council

Since he arrived in late 2021, John has entirely overhauled and recreated almost everything he gets his hands on. From a school attendance team that was a tiny traded service to now a large and growing team with more and more exciting ideas, he’s driven this tirelessly.

John has utilised technology remarkably, from dashboards and national data, to creative solutions to save time to smoother routes through legal processes, he has constantly driven innovation.

The attendance team went from the bare minimum traded service to one that stands out nationally, recognised by the Department for Education and reaching out and working with professionals across the district to make a difference.

John organised the first Multi-Agency Attendance Conference at Valley Parade. 300 professionals from all backgrounds came together with nationally recognised speakers and carefully planned workshops. Everything about the day was innovative, down to the technology and onwards planning by the conference working group John convened.

A media campaign #everydayatschoolcounts has been using a variety of platforms, poster boards and digital eVans to get the message out across the district that #attendanceiseveryonesbusiness (John’s personal slogan – he should have trademarked it!).

Innovation is at the heart of everything John has brought the Bradford and the above is small part of the many creative solutions John has offered to move Bradford from nothing to being nationally recognised and commended for innovation.

June 2023

Dani Wade

Head of Learning and Achievement – London Borough of Newham

It has been a pleasure to work with John – his experience and knowledge has proved invaluable in developing robust systems and processes to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of Newham’s attendance management service, elective home education and children missing education.

John is skilled at report writing, providing and analysing data, policy writing and providing high quality advice and guidance on the local authority’s legal responsibilities as well as those of schools in order to keep children safe.

John has strong people skills, high standards of personal integrity, is a consummate professional and would be an asset to any organisation.”

February 2020

Willenhall e-ACT Academy

secondary academy – Walsall – West Midlands

The Principal and the Academy Leadership Team would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the support you have given to Willenhall E-ACT Academy over the past year in helping to progress the academy to a more stable position.

Your help to develop our Safeguarding Team to the position it is in today is much appreciated.

December 2017

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